Béatrice et Bénédict  

Production Photos



 Promo shot by Jimmi Kilduff

   Hero is eager for the return of Claudio and sings of her love for him while making a victory wreath.


 Don Pedro arrives with his soldiers, and is greeted by Leonato.


 Benedict and Beatrice greet each other by squabbling.

Benedict rails against the idea of marriage.

"If Benedict ever submits himself to the yoke...I will freely consent to a 
sign to be placed on my roof...'Here lies Benedict, the married man!'"

Somarone begins a rehearsal of his latest compositional triumph

Rise and fall, do you hear?! It is as life and death!

"But are you SURE that Benedict loves Beatrice so entirely?"
Hero and Ursula bait Beatrice into believing Benedict loves her.

Hero and Ursula sing about the beauty of the summer night.

Somarone appears drunk, and leads the men in a rousing chorus


Beatrice realizes she is in love with Benedict

Hero and Ursula attempt to convince Beatrice to admit to her feelings.

Hero and Ursula sing to Beatrice of the joys of love.


At Hero's wedding, it is announced that a second wedding contract was prepared. 

Beatrice and Benedict are prodded to come forward and proclaim their love for one another.


Putting pride aside at last, the lovers join together.