Brian Pettey

Coming to Baltimore from Niceville, Florida, the prospects of studying vocal performance at Peabody pose a redoubtable change from what Brian has become accustomed to.  Having been a student of piano for nearly fourteen years as well as one of brass for the past seven, he has only recently turned to voice, giving serious consideration to its place in his future just within the past year. Within that year he has been awarded such honors as a seat in the top state-wide chorus at the annual convention of Florida Music Educators, as well as highest marks in several solo performances, in which he has assayed excerpts from the roles of characters such as Mozart's Papageno and Figaro, and Rossini's Don Bartolo. Being a neophyte in every sense of the word, Brian is thus all the more grateful for the opportunities he has been afforded and looks forward to making the most of his time at the conservatory.