"Ah! aimez!  aimez-vous; l'heure est brève et croyez en un rêve!"

(Ah! love! you must love; for your time is short and you must believe in your dreams!)


Robert Maril

Mme. de la Haltiere:
Mary Catherine Moroney

Mary Mackenzie

Brooke Collins

Lucette (Cendrillon): Robin Flynn

La Fee:
Erin Brittain

Le Prince Charmant:
Elspeth Davis

Le Roi:
Scott Elliot

Georgianna Pappas

Leo Adamov

Grant Gilman

Assistant Conductor:
Brent Chancellor

Heidi Lauren Duke



Opera Synopsis:

ACT I: Pandemonium rules at the house of Pandolfe, as his wife, Madame de la Haltiere and her daughters Noemie and Dorothee prepare themselves for the ball. Madame de la Haltiere hopes to make one of her daughters a queen. Pandolfe bitterly regrets his remarriage but nevertheless accompanies his wife, heartbroken though he is to leave his own daughter, Lucette (who her stepsisters call Cendrillon), alone in the house. The girl unenthusiastically returns to her chores but soon falls asleep. While she is sleeping, her Fairy Godmother uses the opportunity to dress the girl in a magnificent gown, putting a magic slipper on her foot so that she will not be recognized. She wakes up to find herself transformed, and happily goes off to the ball, promising to return by midnight.

ACT II: The Prince sings of his loneliness, claiming he would sacrifice his throne and his riches for the chance at true love. The King tries unsuccessfully to entertain the melancholy Prince. After a trumpet fanfare, Madame de la Haltiere and her daughters enter the ball in a tizzy, and unsuccessfully try to win the attention of the Prince.
Everyone becomes silent at the entrance of Cendrillon. The young Prince and the girl fall in love at first sight, but soon midnight strikes and Cendrillon must leave. In her haste, Cendrillon loses her slipper.

ACT III: Cendrillon returns home, exhausted and unsure,  just before the entrance of her family. She asks how the ball was, and Madame de la Haltière expresses her delight at the Prince’s seeming coolness towards the unknown Princess who rudely ran from him. Cendrillon is overcome with emotion. Pandolfe, seeing his child in distress, finally rallys against his wife and stepdaughters, and runs them out of the house. He apologizes to his daughter, and together they dream of a simpler and happier life in the country. Alone, Cendrillon remembers her stepmother's words of the Prince's apparent disregard for her. Overcome, she rushes into the woods. Cendrillon, as well as her Prince (who cannot think of life without his unknown beloved), are lured to the woods by her Godmother. Unable to see each other, the lovers recognize one another by their voices. They implore the Fairy Godmother to remove the enchantment which she has placed between them. She does so, and the Prince and Cendrillon fall asleep in each other’s arms.

ACT IV: Pandolfe finds his daughter alone and ill in the woods, and nurses her back to health. In her delirium, she has convinced herself that her meeting with the Prince was all a dream.
 It is announced that the Prince is seeking the owner of the mysterious slipper. Cendrillon, realizing the truth, leaves for the palace. The Prince recognizes Cendrillon and his love of life is renewed. The crowd rejoices in their new queen.


Oct 25th at 4:00 pm

The Dweck Center Brooklyn Public Library 

In French with English surtitles