Gallantry Photos


The Announcer presents a new episode the popular soap opera,

Gallantry, brought to you by Lochinvar Soap and Billy Boy Wax!


Dr. Gregg reveals his love for Nurse Lola                 

















               Lola rejects Dr. Gregg's advances                                                              Dr. Gregg regains Lola's sympathy by telling her he has lost his mother               
















Lola is surprised to find her fiance, Donald, on the operating table             Donald eagerly awaits anesthisia, "just what the    doctor ordered!"                           

Lola apprehensively hands Dr. Gregg the scalpel


Waking up prematurely, Donald sings of his devotion to Lola


As the episode ends on a cliffhanger, the Announcer and Dr. Gregg take a moment to laud the virtues of Lochinvar Soap