The Old Maid and the Thief

"The devil couldn't do what a woman can- Make a thief out of an honest man."

Composer: Gian Carlo Menotti, Libretto by Composer


Miss Todd    Jenni                        Bank 

Laetitia         Erin                        Brittain

Bob             Daniel                      Seigel

Miss            Michelle Pinkerton     Seipel

Director       Catrin


 Opera Synopsis

Local busybody Miss Todd welcomes a visit from fellow gossip Miss Pinkerton. As they reminisce about old love affairs,  there is a knock at the door. Laetitia, the servant, leads in a Bob, a beggar. Both women are starved for male company and are quickly won over by Bob's charm and good looks. They lavish him with food and invite him to stay permanently. 

Meeting Miss Todd on the street, Miss Pinkerton mentions reports that a thief who matches Bob's description has escaped from jail.  When Miss Todd suggests getting rid of him, Laetitia convinces her to allow him to stay and help him down a more righteous path. To keep him content, Miss Todd  allows him to "steal" from her, and when her own money runs out begins robbing the neighbors on behalf of her guest. Even so, eventually Bob becomes restless and threatens to leave. At the pleading of the women he consents to stay if they will buy him liquor. To avoid tarnishing her reputation by being seen purchasing alchohol, Miss Todd decides to rob the liquor store.

Miss Pinkerton informs Miss Todd that the thief is in town and has been robbing the community, but a famous detective has been hired to inspect every home until he is found. Laetitia and Miss Todd confront Bob, telling him they know he is the thief, and he responds that he is not. Miss Todd urges him to run away with her, until finally Bob says that he does not love her.  Upset, Miss Todd threatens to alert the police and accuse him of her own crimes. Seeing no alternative, Bob and Laetitia decide to elope, stealing many of Miss Todd's belongings, including her car. Upon returning she finds her house empty and the two gone.  She faints. For further information, please click the link below:

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