Trouble In Tahiti

"Maybe there's time to go back, and take your hand again"

 Composer: Leonard Bernstein, Libretto by Composer


Dinah   Elspeth Davis

Sam     Daniel Seigel

Trio      Brian Pettey  

           Joseph Regan

           Michelle                    Seipel

Conducted by: Matthew Brown


Opera Synopsis

As the trio sings about the bliss found in suburban life, a young married couple, Sam and Dinah, fight over the breakfast table. Sam announces that he is unable to attend his son's show at school due to a handball competition at the gym; Dinah accuses him of being selfish and neglecting his family. Leaving the argument unresolved, Sam distracts himself from the marital stress at home working through a successful day at the office, followed by an athletic victory winning the handball cup at the gym. Meanwhile, Dinah attends a therapy session and wonders what became of her dreams to find quiet contentment in marriage and domestic life. When the two pass each other during a chance meeting the street, they awkwardly make excuses to avoid having lunch together. That afternoon, Dinah decides to see a movie, Trouble in Tahiti; though she complains about the campy absurdity of the plot, she also gets wistfully caught up romantic aspects. That evening, the couple makes another attempt to talk about the problems in their relationship. Finding it difficult to openly express their feelings, they decide to see Trouble in Tahiti together. For further information, please click on the link below:



Saturday, 2:00 pm

Graham Auditorium  Walters Art Museum 


Tickets are FREE and can be reserved by calling the Walters Art Musem at 

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